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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

There’s no denying that many people spend a lot of time using the Internet each day, both for work and personal reasons. As a result, it makes sense for businesses to market their products and services to an online audience primarily.

Thanks to the wealth of marketing and advertising options at an organisation’s disposal, it’s now easier than ever to promote a brand to a digital audience. The only trouble is, some brands face stiff competition to acquire new customers and sales via online means.

You’re probably reading this article today because your business or organisation is facing a similar predicament. You may not realise it, but one way you can get ahead of the competition is by utilising cloud computing in your digital marketing strategies.

The following examples illustrate how you might use cloud computing to your advantage when targeting potential or existing customers to increase your leads and generate sales:

Lightning-Fast Access to Digital Content

If you’re targeting potential customers in different regions or countries, you want to ensure that they have fast access to your marketing material. For example, you might want people to visit landing pages and download PDF content.

You can use cloud computing to offer high-speed access to any relevant HTML or PDF content, as your content gets “mirrored” on servers across the world. Viewers will automatically get directed to the nearest physical server, resulting in quick downloads.

As you can imagine, it’s a handy way to target people in several countries that are most likely to purchase your products and services, and it boosts your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Easy Access to Archived Documents

Let’s say that you run a business that provides online access to archived historical documents for users worldwide. Your service makes it easy for people because they don’t need to travel to the UK to view one or more records in person.

Companies like document management services firms can take each record, scan it, and archive it online in the cloud. Your website can offer a customer-facing portal where people can purchase access to those documents and view them in a secure environment.

The great thing about cloud computing is you don’t need to worry about file storage limits - perfect for a business that provides access to archived historical records.

Your online marketing campaigns can include landing pages that provide limited free access to those documents. As mentioned earlier, content gets mirrored across global servers, resulting in high-speed access to your historical records, irrespective of a user’s location.

Powerful Analytics Tools

Let’s face it: what good is a marketing campaign if you don’t have a good way of tracking its success? Another way that cloud computing can help with your future marketing efforts is by providing powerful analytics tools for your business.

Such tools enable you to dissect information about your visitors and gain actionable insights so that you can fine-tune your campaigns.

If you’re running vast marketing campaigns, analysing several data dimensions can take a lot of time if you run reports on a desktop computer. However, cloud computing offers enormous computing power, resulting in fast database processing times.

It’s also worth considering that many of today’s popular web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, use cloud computing power to help businesses analyse data and create better customer experiences.

Enhanced Data Security

Cloud computing undeniably makes data storage and access easy for marketing campaigns. Marketers can set up campaigns that use cloud computing to capture information from potential sales leads and process it at lightning-fast speeds.

But, another advantage of using cloud computing in that respect is the enhanced data security that it offers. Potential customers don’t want to fill in forms at unsecured websites and worry about their personal information getting hijacked by cybercriminals.

Thankfully, cloud computing gets built on a foundation of bank-grade encryption and other security measures to minimise the risk of “man in the middle” attacks.

As you can appreciate, enhanced data security is also crucial for marketers as businesses and organisations must adhere to various data privacy and security regulations, such as GDPR.

Seamless Collaboration

It’s not uncommon for two or more brands to work together and create joint marketing campaigns. One problem that plagued such digital campaigns in the past was finding a way for teams to collaborate on unified marketing campaigns.

Cloud computing solves that problem by providing a flexible and scalable environment where brands can create seamless marketing campaigns.

For example, let’s say that two brands want to target their customers using the same marketing campaign. Cloud computing makes it possible for data to either get combined or accessed through a single online marketing database solution.

The marketing workflow becomes simplified, strategies are easier to implement, and there are also cost savings across the board; all of those facts increase the likelihood of those brands working together again on future marketing campaigns.

Unlimited Potential for Innovation

These days, digital marketing campaigns aren’t just about creating landing pages and capturing people’s details on a form. Today’s clever marketers think outside the box and develop one-of-a-kind strategies that attract and engage with target audiences.

For example, you could create a marketing strategy where your target audience could play an online game to win a prize or free content from something that you’re selling online.

You can utilise cloud computing to host your game content, provide computing power to run your game’s source code, and make it easily and quickly accessible from anywhere in the world due to mirrored server content.

Also, cloud computing can get used to store customer information before or after they play the game, and your CRM can connect to that database and process the data as appropriate. Those are just some examples of how cloud computing offers unlimited innovation potential.


The above is just a small subset of reasons why cloud computing can work for you and your next marketing campaign. Cloud computing offers powerful and easy to access tools to transform any digital marketing campaign and increase your ROI.


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