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Tips And Tricks You Need To Know About Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is something you may have heard of a lot over the past few years, and often it will come hand in hand with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. But cloud storage is a type of storage for data which goes beyond one brand, and in fact it is widely used for many companies across the world. Rather than using your 2GB storage on your computer to store photos and documents, you will instead place your documents in a sort of online limbo, where they are easy to access but won’t take up storage on your machine. Today we are going to have a look at some of the tips and tricks you may need to know when using cloud storage this year.

1. E-mail attachments When we are communicating within a business we need to make sure that we are professional, and this means that email is used most of the time for official communication. When we look at emailing attachments to each other online all the time, this can be sometimes useful however it can also be a little dangerous in terms of security if an email is intercepted and many copies of an original document are made. This is why cloud storage like is useful to use because you will only ever have one copy of a sensitive document and people will simply be given special access to it.

2. Keep things organised

Working with a lot of files and documents each day can become incredibly confusing and it can become a bit of a mess on your computer after a while. But the beauty of online document storage such as google drive is that each type of file can be organised and placed in a different area. You’ll always be able to keep things tidy and easy to manage and it makes a huge difference to you working day.

3. Managing document versions Cloud storage has a lot of perks when we are looking at it compared to traditional storage on a single machine. One of the great things which you can do with many documents on the cloud is see different revisions of them. This means you are able to see previous versions of a document when you have made changes or a mistake and this can make it a lot easier for you to work in a collaborative way together.

4. Store music

Did you know that you can store more than just documents and photos? Google Play is an amazing app which allows you to store music without taking up all of the space on your device. This is a helpful thing for a lot of us because it lets us listen to our favourite music on the go without having to use up all of the data on our devices.

5. Easy access block

The beauty of using cloud storage is the fact that you will be able to manage who gets access to your documents at all times. You sign into a secure account to see your documents in the first place, and only people who you choose will be able to see them.

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