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4 Types of Content Marketing You're Failing to Exploit

Content marketing is a powerful tool you can use to connect with your audience and improve your SEO. But a lot of brands simply aren’t doing it correctly. They’re missing out of massive opportunities. And it’s hurting their bottom line.

In this post, we take a look at four types of content marketing you’re failing to exploit properly. Check them out below.


Demos? Is that content marketing?

It turns out that they are.

In fact, they’re a critical form of content marketing you need to use in the “comparison phase” of the buyer’s cycle.

Think about it. When your customers are on the cusp of buying a product from you, they’re usually weighing up their options. “Should I buy from brand X or brand Y?”

Demos are a great way to use content to gain an advantage in this part of the conversion funnel. The more you explain why your product is the best option, the more likely prospects will choose you. They’ll understand the value you offer better than they understand your rivals’.

Brand Videos

Take a look at virtually any top-performing brand’s website, and you’ll find a wealth of brand videos.

You can think of these as a celebration of your enterprise. They showcase what it does best, and how it makes people’s lives better.

Fable Studios - a video production outfit - understands this concept completely. It says that companies that are creative and audience-focused perform better than their rivals.

Video, however, offers some unique advantages over other types of content.

For starters, it’s way easier to consume than text. You could have the best copy in the world, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to competing with video.

It’s also a type of multi-platform content. You can’t upload your blogs to YouTube or Instagram, but you can share your videos. In fact, you can put them just about anywhere you want, thanks to clever HTML embedding technology.

Event Countdowns

Some companies offering innovative products like to host event countdowns. It can be a fun type of content.

Some countdowns are just clocks on your website that tick away until you launch a service or release a product to market.

Others are more involved. So, for instance, you could connect a podcast series to a countdown to big events to do with your company.


Believe it or not, webinars are another form of content marketing you can deploy in your enterprise. They are becoming more important as consumers seek new means to educate themselves about products.

You can use webinars to build your authority. They’re a chance for you to demonstrate expertise and offer real value to your prospects.

Let’s say you run an accounting firm and want to drum up sales from small businesses. Hosting a webinar with local founders and CEOs is a great way of showing them the kind of support they’ll get from your paid services.

In summary, the world of content marketing is massive. In fact, it’s so large, you probably won’t ever explore it all. Exploiting new types of content, however, could ultimately serve your enterprise better.


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