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Suspense Marketing Is Killing You, So Remember The Launch Codes

Have you ever waited in suspense for a product or service that would change your life? As sad as it sounds, certain companies are great at whipping up a buzz and making it seem as if their brand is a must-have. Video games spring to mind, as do sneakers and a whole line of clothing and fashion wear. Companies around the world are the in the suspense industry, and business is a booming.

With so many peers and rivals relieving themselves in the same pot, it makes sense to join them. One awesome novelty campaign could be the difference between a launch pad for success and directions to the scrapheap. And trust us; the latter is dirty and smelly. Suspense marketing isn’t possible without the codes, but you have an uber cool friend (moi) with their hand on the wheel.

Product’s Impact On The User

Don’t get bogged down with technical jargon. It’s exclusive, hard to understand, and, worst of all, boring. Steve Jobs realised this better than anyone, so much so his ring name would have been ‘The People’. Apple never rattled off user specs and info that was easily accessible on its site. No, the firm decided to focus on how their items would improve a customer’s lifestyle. Your current MP3 is too big? Don’t worry because an iPod is sleek and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. What’s important to a business doesn’t translate to the base, and it is the key. So, don’t be scared to connect with consumers by advertising how their life will change, even if it’s only a small adjustment.

Get Thought Leaders On Board

Was upon a time, leaders in opinion were politicians and captains of industry. Now, it’s the people on YouTube with the highest followers that have the power. And, that’s a good thing for companies as they are accessible and easily bought. PewDiePie, for example, has endorsed thousands of products since he created a profile a decade ago. The Dalai Lama, in comparison, barely makes a TV appearance. The product or service might be a way away from hitting the shelves, but it doesn’t mean thought leaders aren’t helpful tools. A prototype product allows them to give an opinion to their millions of hard-line followers. Did this post forget to mention that’s worldwide and not domestic? It seems like a fact that is too great to overlook.

A Teaser

Hollywood award season is upon us with the Academy Awards a month away. You don’t care because the movie industry has no impact on the firm. They deal in a make-believe fantasy, and you operate in the real world. Still, dreams are creative and grab the attention of a business’s customer base. Consider a film trailer for a moment. You know it’s the best parts of the movie spliced together to raise excitement. Plus, it’s easy to spot that the trailer is biased and a poor representation of the final product. Yet, a teaser gets people saying “I’ve gotta watch that film!” Digital advertising may be the best avenue, but don’t forget about physical giveaways. A free sample is just as effective as an interactive video in its own right.

Set Up Shop

Consumers feel suspense when their brains are intrigued. The curiosity makes them want to know more and they become entangled in the business as a result. For all of the savvy marketing methods above, the effects don’t last very long. A sponsorship here or a trailer there operates in the present which won’t help boil the pot to its breaking point. Drilling home a point is a trick that only the greats use, and they go to significant lengths. Have you heard of pop-up shops? Many come to town and disappear, yet some stay for weeks and months. Even stranger is the fact they aren’t open to the public. But, the brand and name are there for all to see and to spark curiosity. Http:// does it online with its new sites to enjoy tagline. Every time the site’s traffic lands on the page, they will wonder “what could this be?” Your website or not-open-to-the-public store could do the same.

Houston, We Have Lift Off

Start as you mean to go on. Again, Apple is at the forefront of this technique says Steve ‘The People’ Jobs didn’t ask a PR footman to take centre stage – he did it himself. Was it a vain, egotistical move from a man who had personal issues? You’re damn right it was. But, it was also a development of an attitude which propelled the company to the heights it occupies today. By launching a product at an event, Jobs piqued curiosity throughout the tech world. And, he also hit a new audience, one that loves fancy lights and pyrotechnics. Small firms don’t have the same reach or budget, yet an event is a creative process. A quality orator is enough to make people take notice and watch out for the brand in the future.

I’ll Take A No 1 With A Side Of Gravy

Not opening products and services up for pre-ordering is a classic trap. The uninitiated think it’s a method that’s too grand a gesture. Or, they don’t understand the fever pitch it can potentially create. Some believe they can’t sell something that doesn’t exist. What nonsense! Just think about it this way: how long does excitement last? When you buy a product, there is a surge which goes on for a couple of hours, maybe a day or two. In the end, the novelty wears thin and you move on to the next fad. Pre-orders extend the thrill for weeks, months and even years in some circumstances. As the product finally lands, the base will be at fever pitch like an addict looking for another hit. Musicians are without a doubt the finest exploiters of the pre-ordering method in the world. Streaming is the king now, and yet they still have a release date and a launch party.

Although it’s kinda sick to say it, “the suspense is killing me” is a bonus as long as the person isn't literal.


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