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Financial Investments Every Freelancer Should Be Making

Freelancing can be a truly liberating career choice. You get to work for yourself, making your own fortune rather than building somebody else’s business empire for them. You get to choose your own working hours. You don’t have to wear stuffy uniforms because you choose your own dress code. You don’t have to commute, as you can work from home. As you can see, you get a lot of choice over your professional life and this can make you a much happier person. Of course, when you’re freelancing, you want to keep outgoings as low as possible to minimise your financial commitments and maximise your profits. But there are some areas you’ll need to invest in in order to make profit. Here are a few investments that every freelancer should definitely consider making.

Your Website

Your website is the space in which you will secure clients. You need to be able to present yourself as a professional, pitch your services, showcase your portfolio and get people on board. So, you need to make sure your website is the best it can be. It’s generally a good idea to look into Pay Monthly Website Plans, which provide you with a site, web design and more. It’s also often better for freelancers to pay bills on a monthly basis rather than paying outright for services - it helps with money management.


It’s all good and well having a great website. But once it’s up and running, you want to direct as many people to it and through it as possible. This will help to maximise engagement and bookings or orders. Spend time looking into SEO, or “search engine optimisation”, in order to achieve this. This will help to get your page ranked high in search engine results when people search for the services you’re offering, maximising your chances of someone looking for your work clicking on your page. There are a number of SEO agencies out there who can help you with this!

An Accountant

When you are a freelancer, you’ll be working on a self-employed basis. This means that you will have to figure out your own taxes and put money aside from every paycheck to be able to pay your own tax bill at the end of every fiscal year. Now, this can be complex in and of itself. That’s before you take into account that we aren’t all necessarily whizzes when it comes to maths and numbers. This is why it’s a good idea to use the services of a professional accountant. These professionals will be able to figure out exactly what you owe. They can actually save you money too, as they know the ins and outs of expenses and other allowances and can make sure you’re not paying any more than you should be.

These are just a few investments that you can make that can drastically increase the amount you make and take home from your freelance work. Try them out!

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