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How To Cope Being A Blogger Now That There Is Less Socialising

With everything that is happening in the world right now, for many there is some uncertainty with job security, cancellation of meet-ups, cancelation of event and the risk of losing touch with important contacts. However, there are some ways that you tackle this and still provide a service, your products, reach out via blog post or social media and still arrange conferences and event which are based online instead. It’s all about adapting quickly.

Many bloggers and freelancers have already received an abundance of cancellation emails regarding cancel events and collaboration work because of having to be wary of large social gatherings, and it has left these hard-working self-employed people worried and concern of the future with their career.

Let’s have a look below at some of the things you could do to help tackle this:


If you are someone who regularly meets up with fellow bloggers, freelancers or your clients this doesn’t need to stop. Ok, so you can’t go for a nice coffee somewhere, or you can’t go on a trip away for content, nut you can arrange a meetup online through tools like Skype. Not only will it mean you can still have valuable time together to run ideas and gather opinions but you can do it safely from home. Think about ordering some nice coffee or cappuccinos that you can make at home and enjoy that while you chat away and catch up from the comfort of your home working space.

Create A Forum

This is a great way of allowing people who were due to attend an event to still be able to meet and catch up with potential collaborators and fellow bloggers. Creating a space for people to still share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions while still been able to work from home, will mean that when you are able to plan an event in the future with an events agency, then people will remember that they were still able to speak and gain potential work through you, even in times of uncertainty.

Adapt Your Work

If you work in anything to do with travel then you might not be able to see the end of the tunnel at the moment. With most travel banned and no real information on when it will be safe to resume, it’s definitely an uncertain time for anyone who regularly posts about travel and uses traveling for there inspiration and online content. Think about ways that you can adapt your content for the immediate future and have plans ready in place for when you are able to travel again. Maybe speak about the uncertain you are facing, reach out to your followers and explain the slight change in topics and reach out to other bloggers for ideas, everyone is in the same boat and are more than willing to help.

Although this is an uncertain time for some freelancers and bloggers, you have to hold hope. Speak out to your followers and make sure you remain positive. Do you have any tips or advice about the ways you have changed recently? Please share them in the comments below.

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