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SEO For Noobs

(It’s Easier Than , I Promise!)

Say those three little letters SEO, and some people break out into a cold sweat! In fact, those of us that are less technologically minded may start running for the hills! However, improving the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your company's website isn't rocket science or advanced maths. In fact, it's pretty easy as all you need to do is follow the advice in the post below.

Point 1: Content is still king!

The first slice of pie (see what I did there?) that needs to be addressed to improve your SEO is content. This is the stuff that will draw visitors to your site in the first place and get them to stay as well. With this in mind, it is crucial that you remember to create your content for your customers, that is the specific demographic that you are aiming for.

Yes, I know that Google and other search engines change the way that the search for and prioritise different types of content more than the average student change their underwear! However, as a general rule, if you have stuff on your site that is arousing genuine interest and creating real traffic, it will serve you well in the long run.

Different content to consider includes written pieces that are specialised to a particular audience and that offer information and advice that is of value to them. Happily, if you aren't feeling like a literary giant right now, you can outsource this task to a specialist such as Google Ranker, who can help with the other aspects of boosting your SEO as well. A task that can include creating effective backlinks and professional outreach as well.

Point 2: Title tags and URLs (On-page SEO)

Next, it's vital that you research carefully the keywords that are relevant to your site. It is these linguistic diamonds that you need to use in title tags, URLs, and even in anchor text in the aforementioned article and video tags.

The reason that keywords and their placement on your site are such a big deal is that they help the search engine bots rank your site higher. Keyword research can also provide essential detail about customer behaviour that can help you focus your marketing strategy to the right demographic and increase your site hits.

Point 3: Backlinks (Off-page SEO)

Lastly, forget not the value of off-page SEO. This is an area of SEO that is primarily related to the backlinks you are using to direct potential customers to your site. Think of them as road signs on the path to a better click-through rate.

To that end, a few quality backlinks places on high ranking blogs and directory are the best bet. Also remember to choose your placement carefully, meaning that the readership of such blogs is aligned with your potential market, as this will ensure that they are as effective as possible in boosting your SEO.

SEO improvement, it’s easier than maths. Maths is hard!

Remember, that improving your SEO isn't about doing lots complicated maths equations that include pi, cos, sin, and square roots and all that. In fact, it something that is pretty easy to do, if you are savvy enough to follow the advice above. It’s that simple!

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