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C'Mon, How Lucrative Is Blogging Really?

Blogging is something a lot of people like to do, what a lot of people have a natural affinity for, and for what only a few people only make money off of. We hear all the time how much money a good website can make you hundreds or even thousands each month, and yet only about 5% of the blogging population will see a penny of it. But what if you’re seeking to make your blog bigger and better, and you want to know how lucrative you can make your hobby become? Is it really worth the time and effort considering how long a programme like this can take to set up?

If you’ve been wondering recently how lucrative blogging actually is, here’s a few answers to your questions. Read on for the info you’ll need to properly inform your decision over whether or not an ad or two on your homepage is really going to help you.

There’s Thousands on the Market

Whether you’re an established blogger with a long history of working online for money, or a freelancer who can make anything from a few dollars to a couple thousand per each post you write, there’s a lot of money on the market that you can go in search of.

You can have a widely different salary based on where you work and how much experience is behind you, just like any other job. And yet, blogging can still bring in thousands even if you only spend a couple of hours a week at your desk maintaining your online diary. But it would seem the longer you’ve been around on the internet, building a reputation and staying as relevant as possible, the more chance you have of bringing home that 5 to 6 figure sum each year.

Affiliates Are King

When you’re writing on a regular basis, creating content to the best of your ability and have a readership who are interested in what you’ve got to say, there’s also going to be a lot of brands who will take notice of you. And because you’ve got an audience enraptured with your opinion, you can be extremely valuable when it comes to someone else finding more customers.

Of course you don’t have to give a completely favourable review of any products you’re sent, but always make sure you’re fair in what you say. Companies will be less and less likely to work with you if you’re always giving harsh criticism out; that doesn’t mean you have to lie, however! If you’re having any trouble finding contacts here, you can use the services of BloggersConnected to help you get to grips with affiliate marketing. Networking isn’t something everyone has the fortune of being good at!

Blogging can be the perfect solution for either supporting yourself completely or the perfect side hustle for complementing your established salary. And there’s always ways to improve upon your online standing when it comes to making the money you’ve always heard about from blogging.

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