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5 Ways To Capture Interest With Digital Ads

Don’t settle for digital ads with low engagement, make your marketing efforts count with digital ads that deliver. Seriously, if you’re investing your time and money in an ad campaign it makes sense to get the tone and storytelling just right for your target audience - millennials in this case.

Don’t Spell it Out

Millennials can sniff out a promotional campaign faster than a sniffer dog can find a stash in a suitcase, so you need to make sure your campaigns are under-promotional and otherwise engaging. Also, millennials are not monsters, they can be forgiving if the ad is pretty good.

To engage this picky audience you need to provide plenty of value and avoid branded headlines and taglines. Create ads that are fresh and engaging from the outset and look more like a conventional social media post or online video - embedding the ad in the content is effective.

Hit the Emotional Keys

Millennials don’t buy things, they buy experiences, so if you want to sell your things to this audience you better hot those emotional keys. This practice is not new to advertising, it’s been used for years to play the heartstrings, but it’s even more crucial in the world of digital ads.

The digital world is full of information so you need to deliver the emotional core of your ads quickly to bring in the likes and shares. Seconds count with digital ads, there’s no time to build to an emotional climax as they do on TV, so find a way to create joy in the first few seconds.

Keep it Relevant

As digital marketing pros, we’re all familiar with the formula of problem-agitate-solution, we probably use it all the time for copy and ads, but why is it so successful? The reason is the human brain responds to the emotional rollercoaster of curiosity followed by resolution.

This formula, and others like it, are perfect for digital ads and work well for all generations. The great thing is that formulas can be applied to any space keeping your ads relevant and on topic. If you need some help with your digital ads then contact this top facebook ads agency.

Surprise Don’t Shock

Digital ads work best when they’re shared and to encourage sharing they have to have some value that goes beyond selling a product. Millennials respond to visual stimulation, storytelling, humour, and video content, but it’s important to get the tone right, so surprise, don’t shock.

Here’s a fact, 90% of ads that are shared involve some form of humour, and when it comes to humour there are broadly two types. There’s surprising humour and shocking humour. You guessed it, millennials love to share the surprising kind to put on your brainstorming hat.

Lead to Actions

We’re all familiar with the Call to Action, it’s one of the fundamental marketing principles. But once again, a call to action can seem a bit obvious and cliche, especially to your millennial audience, so try to embed this at the end of the ad and make it seem like the natural next step.


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