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5 Marketing Strategies Your Rivals Are Using To Beat You

In business, you’re essentially in a competition with people offering similar products in your niche. Virtually every company faces competition. And those that don’t aren’t monopolies for long.

Part of being successful is getting your marketing right. However, as anyone who has tried it will find out, it’s not easy. Getting marketing right is really tough.

Worse still, your rivals are sometimes better at it than you are.

In this post, we take a look at some of the marketing strategies that your rivals are using (and how you can emulate them).

They’re Using Search Engine Optimisation Agencies.

Like it or not, your rival is probably using the best SEO agency in town. That’s because smart company executives quickly realize that they’re not experts in getting their pages to the top of search results. Instead, they hire competent consultants who can do the job way better and more efficiently than they can. They don’t bother investing their time in it and, instead, pass the job over to individuals with proven proficiency.

They’re Blogging Where You Aren’t

Blogging on your company website is important, but it isn’t the only place you should be fielding content. You want to spread your native advertising far and wide. More often than not, your rivals are posting on social media and third-party sites as well.

Correcting this issue is surprisingly easy. Start by creating a list of websites that appeal to your audience. Then look for ways to collaborate with them. Some sites will have well-defined processes for guest posts while others will require you to be a little more inventive. Cook up ways that you could potentially add value and see where it leads you.

They’re Confident About Their Brand

Another thing you’ll notice about your successful rivals is that they are confident about their brand. They’re not apologetic about what they do. Instead, they really believe that it offers people value (even if it doesn’t).

You want to be in this mindset too. If you can’t achieve it, hire people who can do it on your behalf. You can be the miserable controller pulling the strings behind the scenes while your happy-go-lucky staff are your public face.

They’re Sleuthing On You

Your rivals are almost certainly sleuthing on your marketing strategy. These days, there are easy-to-use tools that allow you to find out just about everything you want to know about your competitors, including their ad strategy, number of inbound links, website visitor volume and so on.

If they’re doing it, you should be too. Spying on their activities gives you a heads up and lets you respond accordingly. The more you know what their strategy is, the more you can respond.

They’re Sending Out Personalized Emails

Email marketing has an extremely high ROI. It’s virtually free, but can drum up massive business.

You can be almost certain that your rivals are sending out personalized emails. If you’re not sure, sign up to their website and see what arrives in your promotions inbox. Copy their strategy.


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