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Non-Profit Organisations: Marketing Magic Just For You

Maybe not so much magic, but relevant marketing for non-profits - absolutely! Not for profits are what's right with the world. Eradicating the need for profit, in the interest of devoting any additional money or resources to a particular cause, whether saving the environment or safeguarding children. Charity organisations and their employees are instrumental in helping the world become a better place.

This is why these marketing tips have been tailored to you to help you reach your audience and encourage helpful input from other businesses, government bodies, and volunteers. To increase donations from new and existing supporters, and, of course, promote the importance of your cause.

Clear Marketing Objectives

Before you begin creating an excellent marketing plan to follow, you first need to identify your Non-profit organisation's objectives. This part entails you defining what it is you want to achieve and the date you want to accomplish it by.

Whether to get your website at the top of Google for relevant keywords to your cause. Or gain 1000 followers on social media in a month. Creating clear goals can help you design your marketing strategy to support your non-profits' quest to reach your objectives. And as an additional tip, think big when you're setting your non-profit's goals because;

Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity. - Will Smith

Knowing Your Audience Is Key

It's a step non-profits sometimes fail to cover thoroughly. Sometimes it's due to non-profit owners thinking they're organisation is not subject to the same rules as traditional profit-making businesses, but they are. In this regard, the aim is the same as a profit-making business; you want to reach people who want to "buy-in" to your service or product.

Aimless marketing to anyone and everyone, wastes money, time and resources, and can cause a non-profit organisation to struggle. Take time to conduct research by administering surveys to the public, initiating focus groups, and make use of secondary sources too. Think about what people care about your cause.

Whether your business is focused on helping abused animals or planting trees to help the environment, identify who would be interested in reading and finding out more about this topic, then adapt your content and brand to engage those people.

Get on Google

As the most used search engine in the world, getting at the top of Google for search terms and keywords relevant to your business is essential. Why? You might ask, well firstly, it's the most popular search engine in the world, and secondly, 75% of people who search online will not venture beyond the first page of Google.

And so, while under the assumption, you already have a fantastic website (if you don't, we can get to that in a moment). Having your site displayed high up on Google is compulsory, to get seen, and chosen by your target audience.

You're now thinking, but how? And there's a few ways, some free, others not so much;


Search engine optimisation is an essential requirement for all of your non-profit's content to adhere to. SEO for non-profits involves manipulating your non-profits' online presence. Such as your website, social pages, and so forth, to give it the best opportunity to appear naturally in the organic listings, at the top!

Google is hot on propelling websites that are relevant to a customer's search terms. Furthermore, sites that are also regularly updated, and simple for Google to index. All of these elements concern your website. Such as its user-friendliness, content, and authoritative links to and from other websites.

A website's reputation online is critical to uphold in Google's eyes and takes ongoing work to do so. To get your non-profit at the top of Google, if you're not sure whether your website is up to scratch, or you believe you need some help, source a marketing agency for some support.

Google Business Listing

It's free and appears on Google above the organic search listings. So, if you haven't got one already, do it now! And improve your non-profits' chances of being noticed online!

Fill in your non-profit's location, name, and attach some relevant images. Better yet, see if you can draw in a few volunteers or people who have experienced your service to leave a review. After all, great reviews are social proof that your non-profit is reputable and trustworthy.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC can help your business appear at the top of Google. However, your position in paid adverts still relies on things like the domain authority score of your website.

Create Content That Moves People

It's common for non-profits to use detailed statistics and facts throughout their marketing material, to alert their intended audience of the severity of a cause that requires their help. And while stats and facts play a part in hitting home your non-profit's proposed mission and need for aid. There's another form of content that reaches out to resonate with people much more - stories that provoke an emotional response.

According to Dr. Lila Davachu. An associate professor in NYU's Department of Psychology and Centre for Neural Science, our memories are "strongly influenced by our internal state." When we're emotional, the brain releases hormones, which sharpens a memory of that occasion.

The takeaway here is to make the target audience feel something. Whether you have volunteers that can write a story about their experience for others to read and view. Or detail how your organisation has positively impacted others' lives, by giving examples of scenarios from start to finish.

Revealing the hard and honest work your organisation commits to, is inspiring for potential volunteers to read. Stories that tell, for example, an older man who experienced domestic violence home. Then how he was supported and helped by your service. This story takes readers through a journey and makes people feel something. In turn, urging people to better remember your non-profit organisation compelling people to help, whether donating or volunteering.

Host Fundraisers

Fundraisers for non-profits are essential for a variety of reasons. They spread awareness of your organisation’s aims. They can help to raise a significant amount of money for charity. And, they don't have to cost non-profits too much either.

Charity events are all about giving to others. The nature of these events provides you with more lea way to ask local businesses for donations or help. Whether you require catering, decorations, a function room, etc. You can reach out to companies to ask if they may be so kind as to offer some of their resources at a discounted rate or lend you equipment for free.

In return, you could offer to advertise their brand at your event. On banners, balloons, and so forth - and publicly praise their willingness to help your non-profit to raise money. This shall help to raise awareness of their company, and boost their reputation. At the same time, your non-profit reaps the benefit of cheaper resources for your fundraising event. After all, the smaller the initial outlay for the charity event, the more profit you can make for your charity.

Furthermore, you could even reach out to influencers on social media and celebrities. Advertising to your audience that VIP's shall be present at your event is an excellent marketing tactic for attracting guests to attend your fundraiser.

Marketing is a tool. When used smartly, you can transform the reputation of your business, ensure your non-profit brand is seen in front of relevant people, move individuals enough to propel them to take action, donate, and volunteer. Marketing for non-profits, such as the suggestions above, are magic.

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