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Marketing Strategy Gold: How To Get Your Business Noticed

The sad fact of running a business is that if no one knows about your products, you won't sell enough to be successful. That is where marketing comes in. Of course, marketing is a vast field, and choosing the most effective traits can be confusing. Unless you follow the guidance, we have whipped up below!

Video tutorials

One of the most effective forms of marketing is content. That is the information your company gives to potential customers that lets them know how to do something. Of course, if you can make said content entertaining as well, you are onto a winning formula. After all, it will not only forge positive relationships but encourage interaction and sharing too.

With that in mind, creating video tutorials is the smartest option here. Just make sure that you invest enough that the production is professional. Otherwise, you could undermine the message you are striving so hard to create.

Events and exhibitions

You may think that marketing is all about the online world. However, that is not the case. There is a lot you can do in the real physical world as well, including running events and exhibitions to meet potential customers face to face.

Business events are a great way to meet both business and individual customers. Although you will need to make sure your presence there reflects your company in the best way.

Fortunately, several tactics can allow you to do this. One is to make sure that you have enough staff with you that some can walk around the exhibition meeting people, directing potential customers to your stand and checking out what your nearest competition is doing

Additionally, making sure that your exhibition stand design is just right is vital as well. After all, it needs to act as a beacon to draw in enough people. Therefore it needs to be both exciting and professionally put together.

Finally, do not forget that running a competition can be just the push that potential customers need to come up and engage with you. Something that will provide you with the best opportunity for making valuable connections and leads.

Leverage influencers

Influences get a bit of a hard time of it. However, it's not all about crop tops, tans and cringy products pics on Insta. Instead, choosing people that are influential online and via social media in the field that your business operates in can be very valuable indeed.

In particular, look for influencers that have a large following but also have some genuine credibility and kudos in your market. Where possible, source experts over personalities. Also, be sure to explain how you want your product to be endorsed carefully.


Finally, when it comes to marketing strategy, you need to include SEO. SEO is all about how good you are at getting your business to pop up when someone searches for a keyword in Google.

The good news is that there are a whole host of things you can do to boost your SEO, such as on-site and off-site actions. You can even recruit the help of an expert to maximize the chance your business will be noticed!

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