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How to Be the King of Green Marketing

Green businesses a.k.a companies with an eco-friendly ideology tend to do very well. Not only will marketing your company as sustainable be better for your business, but there are also many financial benefits. These include tax reductions, sponsorship, and subsidies. Going green is therefore not only better for the environment but good for business as well. Once you’ve made some environmentally friendly updates, how are you going to show the world all your eco-efforts? Green marketing is how you choose to let people know more about your sustainable products or services.

What makes your business green?

Look for ways to sell your company as an eco-friendly business. Sustainable production, for example, is a key feature to highlight. Where do your materials come from? Are they ethically sourced, or cruelty-free? Once you’ve analysed your business under sustainability criteria, you can choose which area you would like to focus on in your content and social media contributions.

The Local Green Market

In order to keep your business sustainable, it’s best to think locally. Collaborate with other local businesses, and stay loyal. Long-distance travel and transportation will only cause your emissions to skyrocket so explain how you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Select locally sourced suppliers, for example, and create an eco-ad campaign that benefits both of you. Work with a trusted and talented website designer, to make it flashy online. Focus part of your marketing at least on the local community. This could involve a local blog or taking part in promotional events.

Make a Contribution

Get your company aligned with environmental initiatives and non-profit organisations. Volunteer for charities that your business can relate to and make sure you publish your efforts. Make the most of creative technology like video content or podcasts and develop your website even further. Social media is also a great tool. Post on Instagram and other platforms, and get employees motivated to take part as well. Think of creative yet eco-friendly ideas to get your logo out there, like quirky, custom made t-shirts for your team to wear.

Get Certified

Companies that make a large social contribution can qualify to become a registered B Corp. This will do wonders for your reputation, even if it seems a while off yet. If you’re wondering how to become certified, do your research. Find an eco-label in your field and look up the certification requirements, for more information on how to get certified click here.

Be Legit

Think about all the angles. Communicate to your customers the benefits of buying your eco-friendly products from their perspective, rather than yours. Make sure you make the right choices for them. Are your materials healthier, or longer-lasting? This is particularly important if going sustainable increases your cost of manufacture. Use the environmental benefits as the focal points of your advertising. Appeal to your audience’s sensitive side by linking to human issues as well. The most important thing is to stay honest and transparent throughout. Prove to your customers that you’re legit.

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