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3 Tricks for Writing a Blog People Will Actually Read

Blogs are one of the best content marketing tools available to businesses. But, unfortunately, blogs are also very easy to lose in the vast space of the internet! This means that if you want to create a blog that people will actually read and enjoy, you need to plan your approach carefully.

Luckily, there are a few simple tricks you can employ to make your blog readable and ensure that it is actually read.

Use SEO Techniques

SEO is one of the major reasons to attach a blog to a business website. This is because a blog is the perfect location for keywords set in a wide range of contexts. It is also the perfect location for relevant information that doesn’t quite fit on the other pages on your site. But whether your blog is simply for entertainment or for a wider marketing purpose, using SEO techniques will help boost your posts up the rankings and increase readership.

If you haven’t used SEO before, it is probably worth asking an SEO consultant like Toni Marino for some advice. An SEO specialist will be able to advise you on the latest search engine updates as well as the latest techniques to help you move up the rankings.

Stay Relevant

The most important part of blog writing is staying relevant. This means that you should provide your readers with information they are interested in and find useful as well as information that shows you are at the cutting edge of new thought. To achieve this, you need to keep an ear to the ground so that you know what is going on. Searching the news for stories to share or comment on is a good start and is a trick newspaper columnists use all the time.

However, you should also mix your content up so that people are compelled to continue to read because they aren’t reading the same old stuff rehashed over and over again. You can still recycle ideas but make sure that you do something different and evolve your position in some way. For example, you could write a blog on a topic and then explore a particular niche of that topic in an infographic.

Share Everywhere!

SEO will help to boost your content up the rankings organically. Staying relevant and on the cutting edge of information will help you to intrigue your readers and could also help you reach the top of the rankings before any bigger hitter. But there is one thing you still need to do if you want to guarantee readers for your blog: share the links!

The more places backlinks to your blog appear, the more likely it is that people will click. And, the more links there are, and the more clicks they get, the more likely your blog is to climb the rankings. By sharing your links on social media, you also give yourself something to talk about with your audience and a way to engage them with your business. You really can’t go wrong.

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