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4 Reasons You're Gonna Love Google Panda Updates

Google Panda obviously affects the way in which search engine optimisation is implemented because it means that simply shoving lots of keywords into an article won’t cut it anymore.

And, whilst many may complain that this takes extra effort or a revision of their SEO strategy and you may need an agency providing SEO services to assist, there are many benefits to be gained from Google Panda. Read on to discover why bloggers should love the search engine ranking update…

The eradication of pointless content

Credible bloggers, those who have a passion for writing, and those who love what they do were getting lost in a world which was dominated by pointless, low quality content. It did not matter what the content was about, it did not matter whether it was structured well, it did not matter whether it made much sense – all that mattered was that it included a high keyword density. The Panda update ensures that quality content is at the forefront of every SEO based article written. This means that genuine bloggers have the chance to shine.

Your content remains yours

So many bloggers have suffered at the hands of other people stealing their work and duplicating it. In fact, many content writers were encouraged to do so. However, Google Panda focuses on bringing unique content to the plate. Thus, those content thieves will be blacklisted if they try to copy or reword your work.

You can achieve greater credibility

Achieving greater credibility with online marketing is very much linked to the two points previously mentioned. Your content has to be interesting and engaging, and for it to avoid being blacklisted it also needs to be unique to you. If you can create great content then your credibility will enhance because readers will know this was genuinely thought up by you. Thus a great blogger can see the popularity of their blog enhance and their reputation soar.

Keeps you on the ball

You can’t run the risk of slacking or keeping your eye off of quality, because you will be hit by Panda. This ensures that a lot of time and dedication is spent producing a high quality website which is filled with great content. This is very important because with the fast moving pace of modern technology changes are assured to be implemented on a frequent basis. If you ensure your blog or website is in tune with the demands of Panda and the changes of the modern day technological world then you will be better prepared for any other alterations which may occur.

To conclude, Panda has certainly had a monumental impact on search engine optimisation strategies. Content writing has undergone a massive overhaul. When changes happen, people often view it as a negative. Nevertheless, if you sit back and look at the full picture then you can see that the update has many benefits and works to enhance the overall quality of the web.

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