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No Jams Allowed: Seamless Traffic To Your Site

Let’s not beat around the bush. We all know someone who has attempted to set up their own online business and fallen flat on their face. They’re generally the talk of their acquaintances, with people making jests and digs both to their face and behind their back. In short, they become the butt of everyone’s joke. Now, this isn’t necessarily fair. At least they had the guts to step out of the rat race and employment, daring to chase their own dreams and make their own fortunes. It’s easy enough for everyone else to joke when they’re in a comfortable position and working for a major brand. But chances are that they’re going to be sitting in the exact same swivel chair in five years time doing the same mundane tasks and can be easily replaced when they quit or retire. Ultimately, the joke’s on them. So, if you have the drive to set up your own company but aren’t so willing to put your pride at stake, what should you do? Face isn’t the only thing you can lose; your time and cash are on the line too. The answer is to take a look at where most online businesses start to fail - they just don’t get sufficient numbers of people onto their site in the first place. Your products can be the best out there and reasonably priced, but if nobody can see them, how are you meant to make sales and profit? Here are a few ways to direct traffic to your site seamlessly.

Nothing's Sexier Than SEO

We’re bombarded with acronyms nowadays, so we won’t blame you if you’re sick to the back teeth of them. But this really is one that you should take notice of. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s a commonly used business practice that has the end of goal of directing maximum traffic to your website through search engines. If you haven’t considered the importance of search engines to your business, it’s about time that you do. When you need to find something, what do you do? You Google it. So does near enough anyone else with access to the internet, which, let’s face it, is near enough everyone you’d be targeting to sell to anyway. Read up here for more information on everything SEO.

Making Mobile Great Again

Long gone are the days when we were chained to a hefty desktop computer whenever we wanted to access the internet. In fact, we don’t even necessarily need a laptop anymore. Tablets and smartphones mean that we can access the web on the go. So you need to make sure that your webpage is optimised for tablet and mobile use. Say goodbye to 404 error pages (as much as we’ll be sad to say goodbye to the dinosaur game that appears on Google Chrome when errors do occur).

You may wonder how two tiny steps like these can make much of a difference to your online performance, but trust us and implement them. They’ll increase the number of people visiting your site and dramatically reduce your likelihood of becoming the butt of jokes, keeping your pride in tact and your business profitable.

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