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Get Your Talent Noticed Online: Branding Guide for Artists

Whether you are a new writer, a painter, or a musician, finding sponsors and buyers can be a challenge, due to the level of competition online. If you are trying to make it and are having no luck with talent management companies and online platforms, it might be time to take control of your own destiny. Self-branding is a skill anyone can learn, and can help you save money while getting your art noticed. Find out what other artists are doing to secure their next gig through the internet.

Create a YouTube Channel

In case you don’t have money to create a demo album if you are a musician, or a professional portfolio to send to galleries, if you are an artist, you can create your own YouTube channel where you talk about your inspirations, work, and showcase your talent. No matter which creative industry you would like to make it in; you can take advantage of video branding for free on several websites. You can create a professional video talking about your art if you get in touch with a digital agency specialising in artists’ branding campaigns.

Build Your Portfolio

Artists are generally considered to be bad at organising themselves. Beat the common belief and create a stunning portfolio online. There are several free and low cost services you can use to upload your work and talk about your art. You can create a funky site and direct your visitors to your blog where they can find out more about you and can hire you for gigs.

Publish Your Pictures for Reuse

If you are struggling to sell your pictures or professional photos to customers, you can still make money. Either offer them on popular image sharing sites, or order custom prints and set up your own store. Making money off your art can be a challenge, as there is a huge competition out there. If you don’t want to wait around living on bread and water, you might as well create some popular songs, themes, art, and photos that you can sell for a profit.

Ask for Testimonials

If you have worked with schools, charities, or friends, supported bands as an artist, you can turn this into a unique selling proposition. Contact your past clients, even if they didn’t pay you, and ask them to leave you feedback on your social media profile and your website. Get them published anywhere you can. Get people to leave video reviews on your blog, and make sure you take a lot of pictures while you are working, so others can connect with you on the personal level.

Support Charities

One of the best ways of getting your brand as an artist noticed is by supporting charities. Offer some work for your local group and ask them to share your profile in return. Work with disabled children, help older people get through loneliness through art, and you will become famous in your neighborhood.

Whether you are a struggling artist or someone who would like to make it to the red carpet, you can use social media and videos to strengthen your personal brand.

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