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Promoting Your Brand In A Digital World

Promoting your brand as a business owner is essential as it allows key customers to see what you are all about. It’s not good enough these days to simply have a website. You need to get your website high on search engine searches by using SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. Your brand defines your business and strong branding draws customers to your door.

So how do you promote your brand in our digital world?

Content Is King

Your business website should be filled with engaging and interesting content. For effective content marketing strategies, the content should not be advertently selling your product or service. One example would be for builders to publish articles on renovation tips, with links in the article to services offered.

More Than Just A Brand

Try and think of your brand as a real person. What adventures will your brand have and what is your brands personality type. Take your brand on a journey of growth, who will it meet, what will it say and how will it develop as a person. If you can relate your brands journey to your followers and customers on social media, they will become hooked! Where will your brand go next and what will it offer. Brands that have done this form of marketing successfully have developed a cult following.

Superhuman SEO

In our digital world your website is your shop window, like bricks and mortar premises you need footfall to generate sales. There would be no point in having a shop situated on a remote island with no visitors, likewise there is not much point in your website languishing on the 15th page of search engines. To get your website to rank highly on search engines you need to implement SEO techniques to your content. SEO uses in very basic terms, keywords to increase your chances of being found. There are other aspects to SEO and luckily there are many sources of information available online. Many companies offer SEO training so that you can implement techniques for promoting your brand.

Time To Get Social

Social media is not just useful for catching up with current affairs and what your friends are up to, social media is an extremely valuable tool for promoting your brand. Find a social media platform that works for you. If you are selling products, Instagram is the perfect platform for getting photographs of your product noticed. Ensure you photograph your products carefully and professionally to develop your brand style. Ensure your logo is visual, your contact details are available and your website is clearly accessible from your home page.

Twitter is another excellent platform for brand promotion. Twitter like Instagram is very fast moving, so ensure you post regularly and at different times of the day. Link content on your website to Twitter and promote.

Facebook allows you to create a page specific to your business, this complements your website but has the benefit of being more intuitive and interactive. You can converse with your followers 24 hours a day and answer any queries. Post content regularly so that your page remains current.

Social media is only useful if you have readers and followers, so concentrate on building your following by being active in discussions, comment on other business pages and offer your brand as a solution to queries that you read.

Ruffle A Few Feathers

Make your brand a talking point in a good way, by making a stand for current social issues. Avoid being too controversial as you could lose customers. Orchestrated carefully your brand could be discussed in homes, workplaces and shops across the land!

To conclude we are now living in a digital world and to compete with other brands, your brand needs to be visual. Of course away from the digital world it is important to build up your reputation as a trustworthy brand, but for success brand promotion digitally and offline promotion should go hand in hand. Think out of the box and stand above the crowd!


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