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How To Personalise Your Marketing To Each Customer

80% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers a tailored experience. On top of allowing customers to customise products and service packages, you can also provide a tailored experience by personalising your marketing towards individuals. Modern technology has made it much easier to collect customer data and create more personalised promotions based on each customer’s wants and needs. Below are just a few examples of different ways to personalise the marketing experience.

Use their name

A simple way to personalise your marketing is to use your customers’ names. By encouraging customers to create accounts, it’s possible to to add personalised ‘welcome *insert name here*’ messages to your website and add names to the opening of bulk emails. As for cold emails, you should always try to use the recipient’s names if you can. This is a small way to make customers feel more valued as individuals.

Track customer behaviour

With your customers’ permission, it’s worth recording data on their behaviour so that you can understand your customers better on an individual level. Information such as the types of products customers regularly buy and the times in which they buy them can help you to more carefully target your marketing towards these customers. You can also recommend products and services based on what other customers with similar behavioural patterns have bought.

Create mailing list segments

Instead of sending out promotional emails to all of your subscribers at once, consider creating segments of subscribers to target individually. Certain subscribers may engage with your email content more regularly than others - those who are more likely to read your emails and take advantage of offers may benefit from receiving different emails to those who almost never read your emails. Another way of segmenting your mailing list could be to target customers based on their age or gender. For example, if you run an online glasses store, you could find that older customers and younger customers are drawn to different products - sending different emails to each demographic could get better results.

Get creative with automation

By investing in the best marketing automation software available, you may be able to get creative with marketing emails, texts and adverts. A few examples of ways to personalise marketing using automation include:

  • Congratulating customers on their birthday with messages and complimentary gifts

  • Alerting customers of abandoned shopping carts in order to encourage them to make a purchase

  • Sending out ‘we miss you’ emails if a customer hasn’t used your service in a while

  • Alerting customers of unspent loyalty points or vouchers that have still not been used

Ask customers what they want

A simple way to personalise your marketing is to simply ask customers what they want. This could include surveys to figure out what customers want, or even competitions to come up with product ideas. This is a great way of making customers feel more valued.


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