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5 Marketing Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realising

Making mistakes is bad enough. But doing so completely obliviously is even worse. That’s because you can’t reflect on the error of your ways and correct yourself.

Fortunately, though, all is not lost. In this post, we take a look at the most common mistakes that business leaders make and how to resolve them. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Failing To Focus On the Customer’s Needs

You might be thinking to yourself, “of course, I focus on my customers’ needs. That’s all I spend my time doing.” But it’s attitudes like this that can lead you astray. There’s a big difference between working hard and providing people with genuine value.

Working hard means that you’re busy and doing something every minute of the day. But meeting customers’ needs means that you’re solving a problem or providing an experience. And they are two entirely different things.

When marketing, always focus on the customers’ needs. Don’t just talk about the product. Find out what it is that your target audience really wants and then sell it.

Failing To Lean On Expertise

Using website design and online marketing services is now standard procedure for many businesses. But a lot are still insisting on going their own way. And, ultimately, it’s hurting them.

Why? Because usually they are unable to replicate the experience, know-how and knowledge of external marketers. And that puts them at a major disadvantage versus the rest of the competition.

Not Targeting Repeat Customers

What’s easier: getting a new customer or selling more to existing customers? In nine out of ten industries, it’s the latter. You’re much more likely to flog your services and products to people who’ve bought from you before than you are to new customers who don’t know your brand. So if you’re not targeting repeat customers, you’re putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

Trying To Market Without A Real USP

A USP - or unique selling point - is a critical aspect of your marketing strategy. Without it, customers have no real reason to choose you above anyone else. So usually, they won’t.

What’s more, when you try to market without a USP, your messages can fall flat. It’s hard to get excited about a company that doesn’t offer anything unique or unusual. So customers don’t. Instead, they simply move their business over to a competitor.

Failing To Research Your Market

Be honest with yourself: do you really know what your customers want? Most companies think they do, but even the mighty can fall.

Just look at what happened to Nokia. It thought the future of mobile phones was more of the same. But when the iPhone came along, it changed the world. And Nokia basically went extinct.

Don’t assume that you understand the core needs of your audience. Always research and find out what it is that they love about your products and services. Consider whether it is the product itself that they want, or something that underlies it.

Always experiment with promotions, packages and pricing. See what works best for the market and run with it,


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