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What's More Important, The Site Or The Content?

When working on expanding your reach to acquire more engagement, you may find yourself naturally focusing on one aspect more than the other. This is normal, especially when money is a concern, but if you are to operate with this mindset, you've got to decide for yourself what is more important. When it comes to marketing, and copy in general, is it more important to focus on the website or does the content take precedence?

The Website

Ultimately, this is what people will see first. This is what will entice people to look further into what a business is offering. And many creative web design resources will tell you that the website is the first port of call so it is vital that you entice people in. The website also sets the tone for the business or the product. And nowadays, as everybody can make their own website through WordPress, it means we've got to be more calculated with our designs. We have to ensure that every little aspect adds up to communicate what the business is and how the iconography effortlessly communicates the brand. Not an easy task!

Does The Content Reign Supreme?

We hear it so many times, content is “king”, and as content encompasses so many different aspects of a business or a product through the website it requires a finite knowledge of how the business is best communicated. When it comes to creating killer copy, a video, or even a podcast, it's important that the content is unique to the business and the product, but also, to its platform. There are many opportunities for content creators to just “copy and paste” across the formats, but this isn't serving the platform. This is where content can really stand out and come into its own. And, of course, the importance of website copy cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to SEO best practices. And in this respect, you can argue the content is the most important thing. Especially now, as videos are one of the most important ways a website can jump up the search engine rankings.

Where Does The Answer Lie?

Is it about having a glossy website? Or is it about the substance? Anybody can argue for both sides but both are integral to your marketing. And you could argue that you can't have one without the other. From the perspective of search engine optimization, content is vital, but if you're looking for more customer engagement, you need something to draw people in. It's difficult when your finances are minimal and you've got to focus on one aspect more than the other, but in this respect, you always have to focus on the content. The content can be basic but it can still communicate your business and what it stands for without all of the bells and whistles associated with a snazzy website.

These days, people are looking for the “complete package” but if you only have the opportunity to alter one, you need to think about which one will benefit you right now.

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