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Actually Cool Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Website

Apparently, around 550000 people become entrepreneurs every single month, and nearly 50% of millennials want to start a business of their own instead of seeking more traditional employment. Many of these new startups are based online. People start blogs and e-commerce stores. They launch online consultancy firms or work online in data processing. Starting a business online is easier than it’s ever been. But, that doesn’t mean that all new companies are based online.

Many people still start with a brick and mortar base. Shops, beauty parlours, offices and other offline businesses are still starting up all of the time, and if anything the high streets are seeing a little resurgence following the recession.

But, both kinds of business often make the unfortunate mistake of neglecting each other. Online companies can benefit from real work advertising and even outlets and bases, and no brick and mortar business can thrive to its full potential without an online presence. Here are some of the reasons that your offline startup needs a badass website designer.

To Get Found

When you are just offline, you rely on advertising, word of mouth and passing footfall to get found. Customers will come, but growth can be slow. A website, using SEO services and a growing social media presence gives you much greater exposure and a much wider reach. Being online means that you will get found in search engine results. You’ll be talked about on social media and noticed when people check in. If you are plotted, you’ll get found when people look for the services that you provide on maps.

Growth in the first few years is crucial if a business wants to survive, and having even a simple website and social media accounts gives you a much better chance.

To Build Relationships

Loyalty is also critical if you want to grow your business. Finding new customers all of the time is exhausting and risky. Getting loyal customers to keep coming back and telling their friends gives you something to build on.

A website gives you a way to build loyalty and grow relationships with your customers and clients. It gives you another way to communicate with them and to keep in touch.

To Give Yourself Options

Just because you are based offline right now, doesn’t mean that you’ll never want an online arm to your company. One day you might want to start selling online, or offering a new service.

If you’ve already got a website and a growing online presence, this change is much easier to make. You’ve already done the groundwork, you’ll just need to build upon it.

To Be Taken Seriously

The harsh truth is that without a website in today's world, you’ll struggle to get taken seriously. When we find a new store or brand, we Google them to find out more. We expect details and information to be right there at our fingertips. When it’s not, we wonder why not. Without a website, you’ll appear dated, and you’ll struggle to gain respect.

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