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Video Already Killed The Radio Star - Don't Let It Kill Your Business

Young people are dubbed the ‘YouTube generation’. It’s a valid point. Teenagers now spend more time watching YouTube and Netflix than they do watching TV. Crazy, right?

Image: Kaboom Pics

It’s not surprising that this is the reality of things. Kids want access to as much information as they can get, and they want it in the quickest way. This doesn’t mean that they’re lazy - in fact, it’s quite the opposite - they’re just trying to maximise their time through video.

If your business isn’t using video then it’s time that you did. Browsing time is precious, and you need to make it count - with video being the quickest and most effective way to do so.

Get behind the camera and make video work for your business.

Get strategic

Creating video content isn’t as simple as just knocking something together and hoping it becomes viral - it takes a bit more thought than that. Creating a video content strategy can help you to come up with content that works for your business and meets your overall marketing objectives. Get the team together and brainstorm ideas and see what sticks - with the right forward planning, you can get the next few months all planned out, giving you more time to focus on putting things together.

Mastering the basics

So having lots of fancy video content sounds great, but what if your video skills are limited to 10 seconds of filming your mate falling over for Snapchat?

Well, the good news is, if you’ve got a phone - you’re already part of the way there. Filming on a phone is almost dummy-proof, so get some tips for filming on your iPhone and get practicing.

It’s easier than you think to film on your phone, and the quality is so good these days - nobody will know you didn’t use a fancy camera and film crew to put it together - except maybe the film crews.

Corporate video production companies - the saviour of small businesses

News flash: not all businesses have marketing departments. Small businesses and even some large ones get by without marketing, somehow, so having a dedicated resource to making videos is likely to be out of the question.

Enter the production companies. The rise of small video production companies is something you should pay attention to, as they could help your business. By filming and producing high-quality corporate video on your behalf, you can enjoy all the benefits of video without having to do it yourself - for a fee of course. It’s a deal worth taking for sure.

Getting it out there

Your business can use video in several ways to make a splash. From adding some personality to your business to improving your website, there are lots of ways to use your video content. Design a social media plan that uses your video to sell and engage, and you’ll be onto a winner. Measure the results so that you can decide if continued investment in video is the right move for your business.

If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations - you’re still one of the people who reads on the internet. But to serve the masses who are turning away from the written word and going video-only, video is something you’ll need to consider for your business’ future. Video has already killed the radio star, don’t let it kill your business too.

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