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The Art of Making Standout Videos For Social Media

Making video content for our business is something which is becoming more and more important for finding success online. Moving pictures have been around on social media for a while, and recently they have started to take over the web and dominate out screens. If you want to get with the programme and jump on the bandwagon of video creation, here’s what you need to do.


Coming up with ideas for videos is a fun part of the process, and depending on the type of business you are, you might be able to come up with some really amazing ideas. If you are a recycling company for example, your videos can be based around recycling and upcycling household objects and turning them into something new. If you sell kitchen equipment, you can share recipes where you use these products to create amazing food. Think outside the box and have fun with it.

Look at the competition

Before you start planning out a video and pressing record, scope out the competition and see what kind of video content they are currently making. If you know that they are making some amazing videos, this might give you the inspiration you need to make your own unique ones.

Planning and setting up

When you come to plan a video and set it up, there will of course be different considerations depending on which style of video you film, but in general you will want to think about a background for your video, the camera settings, the lighting and the noise. Once you have managed to set everything up you can move on to...


The most exciting part of creating a video for your business is the act of recording it. Don’t be scared to sit or stand in front of a camera, and depending on the type of video you shoot, it may only be your hands in shot anyway. Be bold and brave and have fun with the process. If you make mistakes it doesn’t matter because these can be edited out later on. Have fun, be yourself and you will end up with some great content to share.

Edit Although a corporate video production company would help you make a video, you don’t need one right away. If you are able to access a computer, then you have tools available to you which you can edit the video with. When editing think about adding some music, cutting out as much extra content as you can, and export it into a size which is suitable for Facebook or twitter.


Once the video is ready it's time to share it across your social media platforms. You can add it to your YouTube channel with relevant tags, and then share on your Facebook and twitter accounts as a video, not a link. Don’t simply share the link from YouTube, share the video itself because this is how you will get people to stop scrolling down their newsfeed to watch the video.

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