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Your Business Needs A Large Dollop Of Personality

If your business is somewhat lacking in the personality department, it will be unable to compete with its competitors. Creating a strong brand is essential, it needs to stand above the crowd in order to generate sales and profit.

A great brand evokes an emotional response in it’s target market. Once you have developed your business idea and plan, your next stage is to create a memorable brand. If branding isn’t your area of expertise it’s worth consulting an expert for advice. Any money invested is likely to be returned tenfold if you get your brand “just right”.

Here are some ways of ensuring your business has a personality big enough to cope in a competitive marketplace. You will then be able to hire the expert advice from an SEO Agency to get your brand “out there!”

Who is your target market?

What is the age, sex, family circumstances, location and income of your target market? You need to really get to know them. What are their hobbies and what do they like to do at the weekends? The clearer the picture of your target market the better you will be able to “hone” your branding to their personality.

Know your competitors inside and out

To be different you need to know everything about your competitors. Carry out market research with your target market to discover what they like and dislike about your competitors. Knowledge is power and you will be able to adapt the information to your advantage.

What is your USP?

Identify what your business does better than everyone else and how is it different. Discover why customers would choose your business over your competitors and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Choose a voice

Every successful business uses a certain tone of voice across all branding and marketing materials. Your voice should reflect that of your target markets in order to be able to relate and engage with them. Your businesses voice will “heard” through all your written material, website, blogs, adverts and posters.

Does your products appeal to mothers? If so develop a chatty style, if you are selling to a business offering legal services professional business like tone would be preferable.

Be engaging

Your brand is there to draw customers towards using your business. To do this you need to engage customers and develop a level of trust. Don’t forget the power of social media, which can offer you the opportunity to converse with potential customers. Always maintain a professional manner and be prompt when responding to questions. Deal with any issues quickly and professionally.


Once you have developed a clear picture and personality for your brand your next step is to develop a logo. Your logo is essential to your brand and care and attention needs to be taken for its development. Seek advice as necessary.

Finally, your brand can be key as to whether your business is a success or not. Integrate your brand into all aspects of your business marketing material and promote your brand at every opportunity. Hopefully your business will develop a personality which is easily recognisable in the marketplace.

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