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In This Crazy Digital Age - What Really Captures Attention?

In this crazy digital age - what really captures the attention of the public? It seems that our attention spans are shorter than ever. We’re also more accepting of the cost that social media and electronic devices have on us, because there is absolutely no other alternative to being so well informed. It might be that disconnecting from the world of the digital rat race is something you do to feel excellent for a month, but you’ll almost certainly be back at some point.

This means that businesses are wise to follow these trends and the new zeitgeist regarding this rather strange time. What really captures the attention of the modern mind is worth knowing if you’re a business hoping to effectively sell and flood the market with your products.

There are some good guiding tips you can follow. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled them in this simple list:

A Show

People love a show. We are almost hopefully addicted to entertainment. While once a family in the fifties would have to wait all week for that living room radio show they enjoyed as a family, now you can watch a full Netflix season on your commute that seemingly lasts for an eternity. This means that the modern mind enjoys a show more than ever before. Why not give them one? A spectacle is a great method of ensuring your product is remembered. Make sure it’s unique, and in a space where plenty are prepared to see it.

You might take your potential audience off guard using exhibition stand builders to present quite a presence at your local trade show. It might be you associate with a video production studio to craft a curated and extremely entertaining looping film, highlighting your product in a hilarious, thrilling or unique and challenging manner. You can almost ensure people will tweet about this. Just be sure to continually reinforce your custom hashtag such as #TastyMacho or something silly to do with your brand. This helps frame the discussion.


Believe it or not, the chances for subtle marketing are better than ever. To use examples, you might have seen ‘FashionNova,’ a clothing firm, flood all your favorite social media influencers posts and rap videos as of late. While this isn’t extremely subtle, the fact that its clothing allows for a much more natural integration than when we used to see Beats by Dre everywhere. It might be that your firm can implement something akin to this via sponsorships. Check social media for influencers who might be perfect for your brand, and present them with a deal. For example, let’s say you’re a fitness supplement brand. It might not be a direct advertisement, but someone just starting training who sees a bodybuilder use your protein powder automatically associates you with effective training. Subtlety frames well here, as it’s non-offensive and natural. With a societal perspective so well versed in finding the flaws and bluntness of modern marketing, you could do extremely well here.

With these efforts, capturing the attention of your new audience will seem easier than ever.

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