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Get Up & Grow Your Brand

You’re amazing! There’s nobody in the world who’s better than you at what you do, and only a handful who’d even attempt it. But after scraping through the first months or years of trading by the skin of your teeth, you’re slowly coming to a realisation. The amount of business you’re generating isn’t proportionate to your talent and that of your employees. You know that if you don’t take steps to scale up your enterprise soon, your business will stagnate. And in the fast paced, digitally led and uber competitive current business climate, stagnation is one thing your business can’t afford. Your employees will become indifferent and lose their fine edge, standards will slip and your business will slide into obscurity.

That can’t happen!

But the world of digital marketing changes at such a fast pace that growing your brand is a trickier proposition than it was just a few years ago. It seems like brand boosting and SEO practices are becoming outmoded at an increasingly fast pace. Grow your brand with savvy in 2018 by...

Back away from email

Email marketing has been arthritic for some time but it’s still managed to limp into 2018. While there are some advocates who insist it isn’t dead, recent legislation in Canada and throughout Europe have put paid to businesses who have gotten by on spamming their customers with thoughtless and directionless content. This has led to less email marketing but the kind that has remained has been better quality and better targeted.

Still, though email marketing may not be dead, it’s not a horse to which you should focus on hitching your waggon. Consider instead the virtues of texting. There are many business texting solutions which include anything from texting a business landline to composing text marketing campaigns. Since texts are viewed within 15 minutes 97% of the time they offer better value to B2B and B2C marketing.

It’s time to get on LinkedIn

A big part of building value in your brand is about building value in yourself. You need to show your target market just how much knowledge, talent, personality and skill you have and have imbued your employees with. A great way to do this is by posting long form content on LinkedIn. Even if you use content adapted from your own blog or content marketing materials, there’s value in taking your content to this growing new audience. LinkedIn has enjoyed tremendous uptake this year and its users are engaging with content more than ever. If you can grow your LinkedIn engagement, the surge in interest in your brand will likely trickle down to other platforms.

Could influencer marketing be your salvation?

Email marketing has been legislated to death (although perhaps that should be considered a mercy killing) and social media platforms are taking efforts to throttle branded content your salvation could lie with influencer marketing. If you want to reach out to a younger audience, you’ll find far more success by influencing their influencers than by trying to appeal to them directly.

Influencer marketing is an inexact science, as its still a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s still an avenue worth pursuing in an era that demands more effort and creativity from those seeking to grow their brands.

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