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Digital Marketing Magic For Tech Muggles

Is your business in need of a digital marketing wizard? Well, unless you have more orders than you can handle the answer is, probably, yes. Luckily, you don't have to go on an epic quest to find one. In fact, there are barely any dragons to slay in this process at all, as there is a fair bit that you can improve on yourself with the advice listed below. Keep reading to find out more.

Domain names

Beginning with the basics is a perfect place to start, and you can't get much more basic in digital marketing that the domain name you are using.

It's the suffix on the end of your web address, and it may not seem like a big deal, but indeed it is. In fact, the right domain name can do wonders for your company's online visibility, and the wrong one can convey all the wrong messages to potential clients before they have even reached your site.

Dot-coms (.coms) are good, as they tend to be seen as reliable and multinational. However, they can be a little general too, as in they don't tell the visitor much about the site before they have clicked the link. They aren't massively memorable either, which is something that you will want to encourage as a part of your marketing strategy.

To that end, why not pick something more specific to your field of business such as .tv, .live, or even .studio? The advantages of such domain names being that they will not only draw in curious customers but will also help to correctly brand your business online as a whole.

UI and UX

Digital marketing is full of acronyms, and some of the most significant that you need to be aware of are UI short for user interface and UX short for user experience. Sadly, the less studied mages and warlocks of the digital world tend to confuse these two terms, and while they are both vital for an effective online digital presence, they are in fact entirely different.

For example, UI is all about the visual standard of your website and how things like spacing, colours, and visual clarity can make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

UX, on the other hand, is more about how visitors actually interact with your site and how they rate this experience. UX is such a vital part of digital marketing because if a visitor has a frustrating experience, they are much less likely to make a purchase or visit your site again. In fact, in its advanced form, UX is something that takes a lot of background research to get right. However, it that can encourage sales based on the preferences of the users and the ability to present them with relevant, personalised information, as if by magic. Something that makes it a valuable part of any digital marketing strategy.


Everyone knows that SEO stands for search engine optimisation, but for most of us, that is where our vast reservoir of knowledge on the subject ends!

She’s an SEO specialist, Harry!

To be fair to the technological muggles among us, it's a pretty complicated area that combines elements of content, the way search engines pick up on certain signifiers, and long and short tail anchors texts.

In fact, if ranking your website on Google in a higher position is a top concern it can be helpful to recruit a specialist in the area to assist you with this. Think of them as an SEO wand for hire, and by using them you get to focus on the other parts of digital marketing, and they can work their magic on this area in particular.

Sales funnel

Lastly, you can add a real touch of magic to your digital marketing strategy by including a sales funnel system in the design of your website and other content platforms. The idea behind a sales funnels is that your online presence includes something of interest and values to potential customers, no matter where they are in the buying process.

What this means is, whether they are just becoming aware of your brand, they are ready to buy, or they are a previous customer you have something to offer them to remind them of your usefulness.

For those in the initial brand exploration stages, information and entertainment content often in the form of video is a good call. For those at the buying stage, a limited time special offer can often tip them into making a purchase there and then.

While for previous customers, building superfan groups online and granting them advanced access to new products and information can create a type of magic that can transform them into active brand ambassadors. Imagine your previous customer casting their spell over potential ones, instead of you having to do it for yourself! In the world of the immortal Paul Daniels, "Now that’s magic!"

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