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The Art of Writing a Killer Press Release

Who wouldn’t want their business to have a little more press coverage? After all, if potential customers flip through a magazine or visit their favourite website and see your brand front and centre in an interesting article, they are likely to do a little more research themselves, and this will hopefully lead to sales. However, to get the coverage you are after, you need to master the art of writing a killer press release. And that’s what this article is here to help you with. So, let’s get started!

Turn Heads with a Great Headline

The importance of a great headline in a press release is exactly the same as it is with any article. This is what will encourage people to read on. So, you need to become well-versed in how to write killer PR headlines. As well as being engaging, it also needs to be accurate. You don’t want to build their hopes only to dash them with a press release that only offers disappointment.

Get Straight to the Point

The first paragraph is not the time to be beating about the bush. You need to assume that reporters are busy people who are not going to have the time on their hands to read your whole release in detail. So, you should address every important point in the first paragraph that gives them everything they need to know to craft their story. Everything else should be supporting information.

Deal in Facts

Reporters are not looking for flowing sentences and colourful narrative. Instead, you should bolster your press release with facts and figures which support your announcement. Make sure that you have the proof to back up any bold claims you intend on putting forward.

Write with Grammatical Perfection

Proofread your press release, run it through a grammar checker and repeat. Give it to a couple of other trusted advisors to glance over. Assume that everyone reading the release is a grammar Nazi who will throw it away at the first sign of trouble.

Quote Your Sources

Including quotes from relevant sources helps to give your press release a little more colour and character. As well as backing up your points, you are also ensuring that some great soundbites get included in the finished article.

Less is More

We have already talked about the time-poor nature of journalists. There is no point writing War and Peace. One page is best - and two should be the absolute maximum. This will force you into making your points as clearly and concisely as possible.

For More Information…

Make sure that you include contact information at the end of the press release. Include both and email address and phone number to make things easier. Provide some relevant links to your company website and social media accounts to make it easier for reporters to do some research about your business.

Writing a killer press release is a skill that will stand you in good stead in your business life, and these are just a few of the key points to follow.

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