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Improving Your Blog: Things You're Forgetting to Do

When you’re running your own blog there’s a lot that you need to think about, so sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of everything that you need to do so that your blog can be as successful as possible. Whether you’re choosing to run your blog as a business, or for personal use, it’s always nice when you can sit back and look and your stats grow each month. Luckily, we’ve made this blog post to remind you of the things that you’re forgetting to do so that you can keep on top of everything.

Make sure you’re writing grammatically correct

One of the worst things you can stumble across when you’re reading blog posts is someone that doesn’t type grammatically correct. Not only that, you should make sure that the language you’re writing in is correct too. In this case it’s English. Luckily you can now check your grammar and language using a handy plugin on your browser called Grammarly. If you opt for the premium version of it, it can help you even further and even give you suggestions on alternative words that you could use so that you’re not repeating certain words.

Go through your blog and make sure that broken English isn’t breaking the tone of your blog. If you find anything that’s not quite right, spend the time rectifying it and you will notice that the views on those particular posts should increase - and possibly be shared too!

SEO is King

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the most important things that you could do for your blog. It allows you to index your blog within the ranks of search engines, and involves using popular keywords in your articles. For example, if you’re writing an article about grooming and pet care, take the time to research popular search words so that you can include them in your article. So, you might choose to use words like ‘long dog hair care’ or ‘best tips for managing a cat with fur that malts’. Adding these to your articles will allow your blog to appear higher on search engine results when people are searching for help; therefore immediately increasing your stats.

Another thing that you should be keeping an eye on is any guest posts that you’re publishing on your blog. You need to make sure that the content is written in such a way that people will be able to find it: leading us straight back to SEO. The same goes for if you’re writing a guest post for another blog. It’s likely to be rejected if it’s not SEO friendly. Check out this handy article about how to write a killer guest post so that the content you’re sending them gets published -

Social media is your best friend

That’s right! Social media is one of the main forms of getting your blog around. It’s now easier than ever to make a post of yours go viral thanks to the use of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t be fooled and only use those though, be sure to sign up to all social media platforms so that you can reap the benefits out of all of them.

Another thing to remember is that each social media platform has different algorithms, which means that you will need to schedule your sharing for different times of the day. For example, Facebook is quite a well rounded platform, and you can expect users to see and click through to your content at all hours of the day. However, Twitter is most busy at night when people return from work, so the evenings are generally better to publish content. Be sure to check out what time your target audience are active too, as this can sometimes be different to the algorithms of that platform.

So to sum up, learn the ins and outs of each social media platform, and schedule posts for the right times. You can use apps for that too like Tailwind and Crowdfire, which means that you won’t have to spend every waking moment on social media!

Record your stats!

One mistake that many bloggers make is not recording their stats accurately. While you may have a rough idea on what your stats were from the previous months, you may forget or even manage to mistake a number. Recording your stats allows you to look back and accurately see when the busiest months, weeks, and days are; therefore allowing you to work out when is the best time to produce more content. Also, it’s a fabulous way of seeing your blog grow, even if it’s only by a few users each month!

A great way to keep track of your users and stats is through Google Analytics. It precisely records how many users have visited each day, their bounce rate, which article they’ve looked at and so much more. It’s really handy to be able to see what your viewers are enjoying so that you can keep the good stuff coming!

Make time to contact potential clients

Finally, another thing that many bloggers forget to do is to make time to contact potential clients, and as you may already be aware, this can take a lot of time and effort. You need to make sure that the companies and clients you’re contacting are relevant to your blog, otherwise it’s unlikely that they will take any notice of your email. You also then need to find the best form of contact, the best person to contact, and wait for any responses. Make a bit of time each day to find yourself some potential clients so that you don’t find yourself wondering why you’ve not got any work coming your way!

Take these things on board and you will notice your stats improving and more work flowing in. Good luck with your blog!

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